Are you ready for car sharing technology?

Car sharing is no longer news in many major cities of the world, and the trends of who is the first to use these opportunities, are obvious. Like in all industries, the major players are not flexible, and are slower to adapt to new technologies when private companies and start-ups are TOPs of mind in the heads of consumers. 

Let’s have a look at 27 major (subjectively) players in this market. As you know, technologies divide them all into three categories.

1.     Car sharing P2P platforms (Turo, Drivy) offering people the opportunity to find each other and transfer the car from one hands to others.

2.     Car sharing companies (Zipcar, DriveNow) thus far using old technologies (NFC cards) but already being a model of real self service.

3.     Fully automated car sharing operators (Car2go, Getaround) providing mobile app based use.


Regardless of technological aspects, the game involves OEM and independent CSO (car sharing operators), company fleet, SME car rental companies who are only looking around, to understand what is happening. The major car rentals have already joined the inevitable transformation that the car on demand vs ownership is the future.

This message is for everyone who yet had no time to think about car sharing, or maybe, missed the opportunity to be among the first. The Qwekee car sharing platform, with regard to client requests, has expanded their service opportunities, and currently offers three options to start the car sharing.

1.     Zero investment option – join Qwekee car sharing platform. Requires no investment, and car sharing can be launched in 1-2 weeks. Your clients will be using the Qwekee mobile apps and you can control your fleet on the Qwekee web platform.

2.     White label solution – a minimum investment to the mobile application of your brand. In just 1-2 months you can use the Qwekee hosted car sharing platform, your clients will see only your brand. It is like the private light version of the car sharing solution.

3.     Professional car sharing operator – full car sharing platform of your brand on your server, fully controlled and developed by you.

Flexibility of the Qwekee platform is that everyone can start with the free version, and later, if the business is established, upgrade to the paid, i.e. the own version.

Until the end of 2017 you can take advantage of the promotion campaign where we will prepare you a one car FREE OF CHARGE.

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