Smart and Connected Cars

Automated checkout solution for car rental business,
corporate, or car sharing operators.
Car remote control: doors lock/unlock, geofence zones,
damage control, engine block, GPS tracking.

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Safe way to start car sharing - from Zero investment to upgrade to CSO

Open platform

Join Qwekee car sharing open platform. Requires no investment and car sharing can be launched within 1-2 weeks. Your clients will be using Qwekee mobile apps and you will be able to control your fleet on the Qwekee web platform.

White label

All features from Qwekee open platform with custom branded apps. Your brand will be applied to both iOS and Android apps. Development and deployment can be done within 1 month.

CSO Light

CSO Light is the more advanced version of the White label solution. You will get more features including the website. This is one step away from a fully custom solution. Can be deployed within 2-3 months.


CSO stands for Car Sharing Operator. This is the fully custom solution that can be deployed on the Qwekee cloud or your own infrastructure. You will get access to source code for internal development and maintenance.


Car sharing solution for internal users - employees, closed user groups etc. All vehicles will be in private mode for whitelisted users access only.

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Appeal Car Share
Texas, USA

Qwekee white label solution in Houston, Texas, USA. Project launch date 2020 September.

Station based solution that offers vehicles in 2 different locations.

Qwekee custom solution in Lithuania. Project launch date 2019 August.

Car rental company leverages traditional long term car rental business with Qwekee functions. Automated check-in and check-out solution enables customers to locate and unlock vehicles without physical contact.

Qwekee whitelabel solution in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Project launch date 2018 April.

Free float car sharing solution in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

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