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Are Qwekee cars insured?
Qwekee cars are insured and you should not care about these things. The car is equipped with a security system meeting the insurer’s requirements, linked to a satellite, to protect the Qwekee car from possible theft.
At what age can I start using the services?
The Qwekee service can be used from the age of 18, and if you have a valid driver's license.
Can another person drive a car?
No. Only registered Qwekee members can drive Qwekee cars. By giving the car to another person you become fully responsible for all consequences.
Can I cancel the reservation?
Yes. You can cancel the Qwekee reservation if the car has not been unlocked in 15 minutes from the beginning of reservation and you did not start the trip.
Can I carry children?
Yes. Children should be transported in their chairs. Traffic regulations require to carry children under 12 years of age and smaller than 150 cm on the front seat of a passenger car only in special seats adapted to their height and weight.
Can I carry pets?
You can carry pets inside the car only in a special animal transportation box. Otherwise, a fine of EUR 29 applies.
Can I get refund if I did not use all my balance?
Yes, within plan validity time frame you can request refund if you did not use all you balance.
Can I smoke in the car?
Smoking in Qwekee cars is prohibited. Smoking in cars incurs a fine of EUR 29.
Can I use a computer for car reservation?
No, you can use Qwekee system only from a smartphone. In order to find a car in the vicinity, you need an interactive map feature, which is in the Qwekee mobile app.
Can I use the company's name?
Yes, if you want to use Qwekee as a legal entity (company), write to and the manager will contact you.
Do I have to wash the car after use?
No. When using Qwekee cars you do not have to care about the cleanliness or service – we take care of that.
Do I need a cash deposit to book a car?
No, you do not need deposit to book a car
Do you check identity?
Yes, when you log in we check the driver's license in the country’s registration system, and your identity through the e-banking system when you enter the payment card details for the first time. It takes a few minutes and is completely safe.
Do you have a membership fee?
No, we have no membership fees. You pay for as long as you use the Qwekee services.
How become a member?
In order to become a Qwekee member, you must download the Qwekee mobile application and log in by entering a valid driver's license and a payment card number.
How to unlock and lock the car?
When booking the Qwekee car in active reservation, the reservation button is replaced with “Unlock car” button used to unlock the car. Or “Lock car” button, for locking the car. The car unlocks or locks in 5 seconds. If it does not work, call the phone in your mobile application and we will help you to unlock it. During the trip, use the car keys for locking and unlocking. After locking the car with the mobile application you also deliver the car so that another driver can use it.
Is fuel included in the price?
Yes. If you use a Qwekee car and 1/4 of the fuel tank is left, go for refuelling to a petrol station. You will find the petrol station card with a PIN code under the sun visor, on the top of the windscreen. Fill up the fuel tank and pay with the gas station card. Fuel is included in the price and you do not have to pay anything extra.
Is there a driver's liability insurance?
Yes, all the cars have mandatory liability insurance. You will find the policy in the car glove compartment.
What if I forgot any belongings in the car?
If you forgot some belongings in the Qwekee car, contact us as soon as possible using the help phone in the car or in a mobile applet indicated near your active reservation, and we will do our best to return your lost items.
What if the car breaks down?
If the car breaks down, if you cannot start it or if the service lamp or other indicators are on, call the phone in the Qwekee mobile application next to your active reservation.
What if the car is damaged?
Before getting into the Qwekee car you must inspect it for any signs of damage and traffic accident. If you notice damage on the car body, paint and glass, or interior, or disorder in the salon – record them in the the Qwekee mobile gadget using the photo function near your active reservation – “see damage”. Otherwise, you will be responsible for damage.
What is the price for using Qwekee
Qwekee have prepaid credits/subscription model. You have select plan suitable for your needs and get prepaid kilometers or minutes.
What to do in case of a traffic accident?
In case of an accident, follow the applicable traffic rules of your country: if the accident is not complicated, it involves only two cars and there are no victims, you should draw a diagram of the accident and fill in the event declaration, which can be found in the glove compartment. If there is a disagreement as to the guilt of persons involved, the police should be called. In all cases, the event should be reported to Qwekee using the phone in the car or a Qwekee mobile applet at your reservation.
When can I start using the car?
After becoming a Qwekee customer, you can use the services after purchasing a subscription plan, until it runs out. You can buy the plan with your mobile gadget.
When can I unlock the car?
You must unlock the Qwekee car within 15 minutes from the beginning of reservation, otherwise the reservation is automatically cancelled.
Where can I find a Qwekee car?
All available Qwekee cars are visible on the Qwekee mobile app. Pick yourself a car, make a reservation, walk to the car and unlock it within 15 minutes.
Where can I leave the car?
You can leave the Qwekee car within the city, choosing the appropriate location in the mobile app. If you leave the car in paid parking, you must pay full parking price until the car is taken by another user, therefore, be careful.