Car sharing in Argentina

A new car-sharing/car rental white label just launched in Argentina, Buenos Aires. FastGo operated by Avis&Budget operator in Buenos Aires city launched a car-sharing platform. Now users can book a car on the app, follow to car location and pick up and open the car without a counter. Customers can pay flexibly by hours, days, and weeks. Return the car to the selected location, finish the reservation in the app, and close the car. 

This is a continuous process in the car rental industry. Self-service operations save a lot of money and are more enjoyable for young customers. Now we imagine young people with app in hand versus filling papers on the counter.

Imagine off-season rentals where every customer at the price of gold and rental prices need very low costs to operate. All traditional rental processes at the place. Pre-booking, navigation to the car, paperwork in-app, damage check, price selection, unlocking the car, return locations, damage check, and locking the car. And all these without your employee and office involved (costs), pure self-service.

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