What is the impact of COVID-19 on the car rental businesses and how to avoid negative consequences

What is the impact of COVID-19 on the car rental businesses and how to avoid negative consequences 

      At a time when the world is being suppressed by a Coronavirus, many businesses are taking inventive solutions. A glance at the past shows that when business was moving smoothly and all executives' business' activities were steady, they rarely thought of the necessary innovations or changes that could further improve the situation. However, after COVID-19 appeared, many business activists are looking for new possible solutions to keep their businesses from stagnating.

     With the closing of many countries' borders, car rental businesses were among the victims of the Coronavirus crisis and were immediately deadened. Not only did business-critical aspects such as payments to leasing and banks fail but business-as-usual was disrupted, too: the lack of physical contact with customers reduced the total number of new and current users, and the need for car disinfection also became even more significant.

     About a year ago, car rental company Autocom Car Rental tried out the Qwekee car-sharing service and this, according to Remigijus Cancingeris, became a major solution for his business. Remigijus Cancingeris, CEO of Autocom Car Rental, says "Qwekee car-sharing service is like salvation at a time when the current situation for the business is very unfavorable".

    Qwekee is an automated check-in and check-out solution for the car rental business. It is a system that allows a customer who has booked a car through the Autocom Car Rental mobile app to immediately see the car assigned to him, as well as clear directions as to where the car is and how to get there. In addition to that, with the help of the application, the user can unlock the car and start his journey right away

   Qwekee is the ideal solution to reduce costs and prevent unwanted physical contact between employees and customers. The CEO of Autocom Car Rental is pleased that vehicles are responsibly disinfected, tidied and cleaned and that the customer will always find the car at the agreed location.

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