How to safely start the car sharing

Habits and stereotypes not only affect our daily choices in private life but also in business. Often, inability to accept change becomes the end of business. In the era of technologies, even the gigantic companies such as Kodak or Polaroid have simply vanished.

Will car rental face the same fate, and how to survive transformations? Many car rental managers realize that the safest way is to follow the customer preferences or at least competitor actions. Renting a car for a day and returning it to the same point is the past, same as forcing the client to wait at the counter or to fill in order forms and asking for a deposit. But how to test new technologies without stress or significant changes? Here are several examples how to make it pain-free for your business:

Therefore, in terms of processes, car sharing only complements the current car rental system. Without taking drastic steps you can make use of technologies and replace traditional rental processes from manned to self-service thus saving costs and migrating to new technologies pain-free. 

By taking advantage of the CSP you will simply create two different flows for the same business. Clients will come to the counter to book the car in a traditional manner, through the car rental booking systems, while the other flow  will go independently straight to the cars, bypassing the counter.

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